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Needing a Clinical Supervisor?Mike Nelson, MS, LPC/S, NCC, DART

Mike Nelson, MS, LPC-S, NCC, DART, BC-TMH
has been providing LAC Supervision for 12+ years.

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License Supervision of LAC’s: In Arkansas supervision is required for all Licensed LAC Counselor SupervisionAssociates Counselors. I have specializations in Individual, Group, and soon Technology Assisted Supervision. Supervision is a process whereby one person is designated to facilitate the professional development and therapeutic competence of another person or persons. I have chosen to conduct my supervision using a the DISCRIMINATION MODEL (see download).

So clients may be saying – what does this mean to me if the counselor is under supervision? The most basic function of supervision is to protect the public from mistakes that a counselor may make early in their career. “Do no harm” is the first principle of counseling. Supervision helps a counselor to protect the well-being of their clients. Supervision is also a resource for new counselors to use to provide the best services to their clients. Frequently supervision is conducted in groups of up to five counselors. In these groups a new counselor can present the basic problem of a difficult case, and have five trained people work towards a helpful treatment plan.

The state counseling board should have a list of approved supervisors, or the state requirements for a counselor to supervise. In some states a counselor has to have special training to be a supervisor. A counselor may have to pass a test or achieve some form of national certification to be a supervisor. But some states merely require that a counselor have a certain number of years in the profession, or meet a minimum number of hours of counseling with clients. In Arkansas, where I supervise, we are required to be fully licensed for at least three years, undergo special training in supervision, and pass an oral exam before the Board of Examiners in Counseling. The Board’s website lists all of the approved supervisors in the state.

Your supervisor will greatly affect your early years of counseling, and may permanently influence your style of counseling.

Here is a download to help you choose. It talks about 5 questions to ask yourself and 5 questions to ask a supervisor when trying to find the right one for you. Choose with care.

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  1.  How to Pick a Supervisor. Qts?
    Download PDF - Supervisee’s Bill of Rights in Supervision
  2.  Supervisee’s Bill of Rights in Supervision.
    Download PDF - How to Pick a Supervisor. Qts?
  3.  Discrimination Model for LAC SupervisionDownload PDF - Discrimination Model for LAC Supervision