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: Mental Health Therapy
offers therapeutic services in a variety of areas and for a variety of individuals;

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Age Groups Types of ServicesTherapeutic Issues
Young Children Individual Therapy Depression/Anxiety/Relationship
Pre-Teens Couple Counseling Anger Management Therapy
Teens Group Therapy School Behavioral Failure
Adults Critical Incident Crisis Counseling Drugs & Alcohol

* and much more….

Meeting with a therapist, like Mr. Nelson, can help you get a handle on your current situation and gain tools to help you get to a better place in your life. Mental health therapy care provides a safe way for you to explore past events that may have contributed to the current situation and open up dialogue to overcome harmful troublesome thoughts and or behaviors to achieve greater mental health. Under one-on-one therapy, you will have someone listen and understand your current situation and then offer help on how to work through each difficult situation. As a Therapist, Mr. Nelson know and understand how important it is to gain your trust. Therapist operate under a strict code of ethics and follow all protocols required for client/therapist confidentiality and safety.

Congratulations in taking the first step in creating change in your life! By visiting this website you are empowering yourself to take control of your life once again. Individual therapy will assist you in exploring and identifying aspects of your life that are a hindrance to your peace and well-being.